The Statue of Equality: A Golden Tribute to the Visionary Saint Ramanujacharya
statue of equality

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In the heart of Hyderabad, a resplendent monument stands tall, capturing the essence of a revered Hindu saint and social reformer – Ramanujacharya. Known as the Statue of Equality, this grand masterpiece soars to a remarkable height of 216 feet, crowned with a radiant golden hue. It is the second tallest seated statue globally, showcasing the profound impact of Ramanujacharya’s teachings on humanity. Built to commemorate his 1000th birth anniversary, this monumental tribute embodies his ideology of equality, compassion, and inclusivity.

The Ramanuja Statue

The Statue of Equality, also referred to as the Ramanuja statue, is a striking representation of the saint in a seated pose, with hands folded gently and a serene smile adorning his face. As visitors gaze upon this awe-inspiring sculpture, they are drawn to the sense of tranquility and wisdom it exudes, leaving an indelible impression of the saint’s teachings on their hearts.

A Three-Storey Base

The statue rests atop a three-storey building, thoughtfully designed to serve as a sanctuary for knowledge and reflection. Within this base, a Vedic digital library opens the gates to a wealth of ancient wisdom and scriptures, inviting seekers to explore the depths of spiritual knowledge. A peaceful meditation hall offers a space for inner contemplation and self-discovery, while an educational gallery enriches minds with the wisdom and teachings of Ramanujacharya.

Preserving Heritage

At the heart of the statue’s base lies a museum that houses priceless treasures – ancient Indian texts and the profound works of Ramanujacharya. This repository of knowledge ensures that the saint’s teachings remain preserved and accessible to future generations, perpetuating his legacy of equality and harmony for centuries to come.

Championing Equality

Central to Ramanujacharya’s teachings was the principle of equality, transcending barriers of caste, faith, and gender. The Statue of Equality, in all its grandeur, stands as a profound symbol of this vision, promoting a spirit of unity and inclusivity. As visitors immerse themselves in the presence of the statue, they are inspired to embrace these principles and foster a society built on compassion and understanding.

A Golden Celebration

The golden hue enveloping the statue is a testament to the deep reverence and respect bestowed upon Ramanujacharya’s teachings. The celebration of his 1000th birth anniversary is marked with this radiant tribute, a befitting homage to a visionary whose wisdom continues to illuminate minds across the globe.

An Inspiring Monument

The Statue of Equality transcends its physical form, transcending into a source of inspiration and enlightenment. It beckons visitors to embark on a spiritual journey, to embrace the ideals of compassion and harmony, and to tread the path of righteousness.

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The Statue of Equality, with its golden splendor and profound symbolism, stands tall as a powerful reminder of the timeless teachings of Ramanujacharya. Amidst the bustling city of Hyderabad, this majestic tribute invites people of all walks of life to seek inner peace, embrace the spirit of equality, and foster a world where compassion and inclusivity reign supreme. As we behold this magnificent monument, may we be reminded of the enduring legacy of the saint, and may his teachings continue to shine as guiding stars on our quest for self-discovery and collective harmony.